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Wildfires are in the minds of many would be visitors to our county and they are in the minds of the residents.   The page has been updated to provide links to some of the latest information on the Wildfires.  The wildfire near Hinsdale County is the Missionary Ridge fire.
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NEWS : June 2002



The dry season and the numerous large wildfires in the state of Colorado have already begun to instill enough fear in some people so, that they cancel their trip to Lake City.   This will undoubtedly have some negative effects on the tourism economy this summer.   For those of you that use the World Wide Web to find out about Lake City my Wife and I have been researching some good links to keep you informed about the fires.   NOTE:  There are many of them but, we will try to point you to the ones that seemed to have the most current information as well as those that may have useful maps that will assist you in finding out how the maps you are shown relate to Hinsdale County and Lake City.

La Plata County Map:

And our county maps on this site

MILLION FIRE (new fire in South Fork):  There is a new fire in South Fork called the Million Fire.  This one is quite a bit closer to Lake City than the Missionary Ridge fire.   So far, the news on the web is very limited but, here is a site that my father David Winblood tracked down.

     We are still looking for volunteers to help with this website.  I do not have the time needed to keep it up to date by myself.   I need people who are willing to type in the Silver World Headlines once a week, and/or answer the email questions that are sent.  If you can do this please contact me at email: and I'll give you any training and assistance needed.   This web page can potentially be a great one if other people are willing to help.   It has some very high rankings on some topics on search engines and it is FREE.

I wrote last month about how to rid yourself of this bothersome virus.  However, since then the link I provided has gone into the internet web page afterlife.   So,  I will provide you with the steps you need to take to get rid of this virus and the steps you also should consider taking to prevent you getting this virus (possibly again).  NOTE: Some of these things you should do even IF you are already running an anti-virus program.

  1. Go to WWW.SYMANTEC.COM and in their Downloads section you will find a section called FREE VIRUS REMOVAL TOOLS.   Download the one for W32.KLEZ and run it.   If it finds the virus it will remove it and tell you.  This virus sometimes is tricky due to the email preview pane in outlook express and you should run FixKlez again after doing everything else just to make sure it is gone.
  2. In Outlook Express  click on your INBOX.   Then click on the VIEW menu. then click LAYOUT.   UNCHECK show preview pane.   This is temporary but, should be done to prevent immediate reinfection after cleaning.   This step is needed for people using Internet Explorer 5.0 and 5.5.   If you are running Internet Explorer 6.0 or using Windows XP (which comes with it) then you need not do this step.
  3. Go to if you do not have an anti-virus program and use this one.   It works well and it is FREE.   If you have an anti-virus program go to the site for your anti-virus program and download the latest updates/signature files for it.   Then use it to make sure it does not find anything.
  4. Upgrade to Internet Explorer 6.0.   You can do that through WINDOWS UPDATE or by going to and ordering a CD with the update on it for $0 + $10 shipping.

PREVENTION:  Run steps 2 - 4 to prevent your machine from getting the virus.

Viruses are becoming more and more frequent and they seem to be being designed more and more deviously.  Therefore, I expect we will continue to see them.   Here are some general guidelines to keep your computer safe.   It works for me and I do not get them and do not run anti-virus software (uses memory and is sometimes unstable with other programs).

  1. Question every attachment you receive.  ESPECIALLY if it is from someone you know.   Send an email message to them saying DID YOU MEAN TO SEND THIS TO ME?  If they answer YES then go ahead and read it and look at the attachment if you like.  If they say NO then tell them that they likely have a virus.  You are helping them, you are protecting yourself, and you are halting the spreading mechanism of the virus.
  2. Run Windows UPDATE frequently to make sure you have the latest updates to security from Microsoft.  This will plug any security holes that Virus authors may use.... such as the one which KLEZ uses.
  3. Keep your anti-virus software up to date if you use one and if you are like me and do not like how the anti-virus software impacts the performance of your machine then go to and run the free online virus scan every once in awhile.

   Well, other than it is extremely dry mostly we are waiting for the majority of the tourists to arrive.   We are hoping they are not being scared away by the fires.  Other than being dry it is shaping up like summers usually are.   We have had three days where smoke came into town from fires.  The first was several weeks ago and was very minor as it came from quite some distance away at the Coal Seam Fire near Glenwood Springs.   Then about a week or so ago we had smoke come in pretty heavily and you could smell it for about four or five hours.  In calling various law enforcement offices (it was a Sunday) we determined that there was a fire south of Silverton.  This fire is the Missionary Ridge Fire.  Until today we have not had any additional smoke from this fire however, today it has arrived and it is over a week since the last time we saw any smoke.   So, unless the fire goes very much out of control our visits from smoke have been predominantly related to wind.   At the moment Lake City is the same place it always is and is a wonderful place to be.  If you are concerned about the fires please feel free to keep tabs on the links we have provided above.   Things could change for the worse but, we will continue to be positive thinkers and continually wish for a lot of rain.     Lake San Cristobal is about the same in appearance as it always is but, Blue Mesa Reservoir by Gunnison is VERY low in fact it is lower than I have ever seen it in 26 years.   RAIN RAIN RAIN....  If any of you are reading this from afar and are good at making rain storms follow you then get on up here and visit us.   We can use all the storms we can get.  -  Thanks for reading my rambling if you made it this far.

Deva Winblood

Future Wave Computer Solutions - Lake City

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