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NEWS : November, 2000


SILVER WORLD HEADLINES Thursday, November 9, 2000 VOL. 23, No. 28

"It's Drake and Matthews in Breathless Commissioners' Race  Majority of voters say existing Hinsdale Wilderness sufficient"

"Heart Suspected in Death of Texas Resident"

"Water and Sewer Personnel Debate During Hot Trustee Meeting"

OBITUARIES: " Byron 'Buddy' Flynt... 83; chance summer's employment in '37 led to life's passion for mountains"
"Madeline Hofmann... Nebraska visitor, 88, rarely missed Lake City visit in four decades"

"Jeremy Eaves, Jillian L. Hart to Marry Nov. 11"

"Liams, Chadwick Married July 8"


SILVER WORLD HEADLINES Thursday, November 2, 2000  VOL. 23, No. 27

"Mine Closures Continuing Second Year of safety-related closures sees grating, 'bat ladders' installed at 29 Henson Creek mines"

"Voters Prepare to Wade Through Lengthy Ballot for Nov. 7 Election"

"We Support Wilderness..."

"Marian Nichols... Texas Matriarch, 90 instilled family's love of Colorado Mountains"
"Byron 'Buddy' Flynt Dies Oct. 24 in Calif."

"Halloween Frights"

"Laughing Stock opens at Crooke Nov. 10, 11, 12"

"School Facilities Committe Looks for Volunteers, Solutions"

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