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News Archives - February 2001

VOL. 23, No. 43 - Silverworld Headlines from  Thursday, February  22nd, 2001
"Dancin' the Night Away"
"Gunnison Driver in Fatal Hwy. 149 Auto Accident"
"Trails for Lake City Plans Future Projects, Forms Committees"
"GoCo Funds Give Go-Ahead to Lake Fork Park Beginnings"
OBITUARY: "Millie M. Craig -- former resident, 91, dies Feb. 6 in Palmer, Alaska"
"WORLD wins 10 Awards in State Press Competition"
STUDENT ENQUIRER: Because Inquiring Minds Think They Know
    "Youth Fellowship Retreat"
    "English 11/12 Class Does Classic Author Presentations"
    "Hansel & Gretel Part Two"
    "L.C. Kindergarten Class Celebrates Valentine's Day"
"New Classroom Discussions Held for Local Residents"
"Lake City High School Presents Valentine's Dance"

VOL. 23, No. 42 - partial Silverworld Headlines from  Thursday, February 15th 2001
"Public Health Awarded $41,000 in Tobacco Funds -- money to be used for local tobacco control education"
"Thompson Returns to Sheriff's Dept."
"Savage Attack, Butchery of Victims Emerged from 1989 Exhumation"
"Microscopic Lead Fragment May Support Packer's Claim"
"Dental Care, Prevention Available Soon for Children"
"Community Valentine Dance Sat., Feb. 17"
"Historical Guidelines, RV Ordinance, Drug Policy Keep Trustees Talking"
"LEAP Helps With Heating Expenses"
"PTSA Scholarships Available to ALL Seniors"
"Saturday's Annual Matt Milski Slalom Draws Speedy Alpinists, Snowboarders"

VOL. 23, No. 41 - Silverworld Headlines from  Thursday, February 8th 2001
"Sales Tax Hike, New Tax District Considered for Medical Center"
"Scientific Analysis May Confirm Packer's Claim of Self-Defense -- non-human remains from massacre site to be studied for traces of black powder from alleged gun"
"Denison Cites Crime Increase in County"
"Hinsdale County Court Report"
"Memories of Bygone Days -- Don Craig recalls the rigors of early Lake City television transmission"
"All Aboard the Love Train -- contracting oarties to include Lake City residents Martin, Scudder"
"Milski Memorial Slalom Race this Weekend"

VOL. 23, No. 40 - Silverworld Headlines from Thursday, February 1st 2001
"Spirit Week Brings Out the Crazy Hair!"
"Explosive Device Discovered at Red Mtn. Gulch"
"School Challenges Community with CSAP 'Take The Test Day'"
"Arts Council Receives 'Distinguished Service' Award from Governor"
"Health Council Reviews Efforts, Challenges of 2000"
"Housing Rehab Loans Available"
"Trail Group Plans Meeting Thurs., Feb. 15"
"Possible Regulations at San Cristobal Discussed by Hinsdale Commissioners"
"'Coffee & Cops' Safety Meeting Scheduled"

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