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News Archives - March 2001

VOL. 23, No. 50 - Thursday, March 22, 2001 - Silver World Headlines
"County Population Up 69 Percent. 2000 Census tabulates 790 residents in Hinsdale County, up from 467 in 1990"
"LCTV Begins Local Broadcast. Locally produces radio program airs on Cable TV Channel 13 starting April 1"
"Gunnison's 'Partners' to Bring Youth Programs to Lake City"
OBITUARIES: "Paul F. King ... Calif. man, 80, was great great grandson of Lake City's founder"
   "Mildred Thompson... daughter of Lake Fork ranchers, 95, dies March 12 in Calif."
"Census Data Reflects Economic Ups and Downs"

VOL. 23, No. 49 - Thursday, March 15, 2001 - Silver World Headlines
"Country Raises Trash Rates"
"Slumgullion Pass Snow Depth, Water Content at High Levels"
"Whinnery Injured in Skiing Accident"
"High School, Community Issues Addressed by High School Students"
"Medical Center Benefit Friday"
"Hollingsworths extend thanks..."
"Notice of Rate Adjustment"
OBITUARIES: " Jean V. Conover .. Delta, Colo., woman, 94, was granddaughter of pioneer Lake Fork Ranchers"
   "Wendell R. Fobare ... Hotchkiss, Colo., resident 84, was well known local carpenter, musician."
   "Chad Joseph Hollingsworth... son of local business owners, 24, spent life in Lake City" (lengthy obituary in paper)
"PTSA Receives $1,000 Donation"

Note from Web Ring Founder - Deva Winblood
For those of you who have a chance to talk to Grant Houston of the Silver World would you do me a favor?  I have been trying to get him to let me put the old issues of the Silver World ONLINE.  He has a wealth of information and great reading in the morgue.  Those of you fortunate enough to have spoken with Grant may have noticed a reluctance on his part to embrace technology until he absolutely has too.  This is not always bad.  In past conversations with Grant his main concern with putting issues of the Silver World Online has been a fear that he would lose subscribers as they would be able to read the news online instead.  This is why I only list the headlines.  I have proposed to put back issues online with photos and the full articles and if you have an interest in such a project please let Grant know.  Let him know where you heard about it and maybe he will let me do it.  I have only been asking him about it since about July of 1998.   In addition, I would like to thank those of you that visit this site regularly and are making my efforts worthwhile.  Please continue to spread the word about this site and email us at with any announcements that you would like to make.  

VOL. 23. No. 48 - Thursday, March 8, 2001 - Silver World Headlines (hey the issue # should have been No. 45)
"Cabin Fever Players Practice 'The Holdup'"
"Bank Sales End; Lake City, Creede Together Again"
"Hinsdale School District Receives Academic Accreditation Contract"
"Local Man Found Dead"
"Trustees Adopt Updated Historic District Guidelines"
"'Students Speak' in Community Wide Panel Discussion"
"Youth Issues Topic pf March 15 Health Council Meeting"
"Advisory Board Members Needed"
"Attention All Water Users"

VOL. 23, No. 44 - Thursday, March 1, 2001 - Silver World Headlines
"Denison Proposes $1.5 Million Justice Center"
"School Expansion Calls for Additional Six Classrooms"
"Search & Rescue, EMS Deployed for Missing, Injured Snowmobilers"
Obituaries: "Huldah Rawson -- wife of Lake City native Downing O. Rawson dies at age 91"
    "Rebecca Siebert -- Texas resident, 51, first vacationed in area in 1975"
    "Jeannette Beaty -- Texas native, 74, owned Ball Flats Cabin"
"Fever Players in rehearsal for 'Holdup'"
"Aloha from the beach party"
"Notice of Rate Adjustment"

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