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Computer Help
The 101 Series of Quick Help Files

This section is being provided by Future Wave Computer Solutions of Lake City, Colorado to help you keep your machine running to its fullest, troubleshoot some common problems, help with virus problems in the Lake City area, and offer some simple training documents.   If you would like further assistance please call Deva or Debra Winblood of Future Wave Computer Solutions to setup an appointment:  Phone: (970)944-0214.

I hope these documents help you keep your machine running at its maximum potential.

11/02/2000 KAK VIRUS-Removal, Cleaning, Prevention. Systems using Outlook Express 4.0 or higher. Lots of anti-virus info
11/02/2000 Happy 99 Virus removal If you think you have been infected with this virus. Use the link above.
04/29/1999 Tips to keep your system happy - cleaning Temp files, Defragmenting, etc. Windows 95/98 and some techniques will work on Windows ME Copied from my old Getstarted page.
02/06/2001 Using your CD-R/RW Drive All CD-R/RW systems See the document
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