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This web page is designed and maintained by Future Wave Computer Solutions of Lake City, Colorado.  It is maintained with the assistance of citizens, visitors, and businesses of Lake City.

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide as much information about Lake City, Colorado and Hinsdale County in one web site as possible.

HOW TO USE THIS WEB PAGE: There are two things you need to do to benefit the most from this web page.  The first is to look around by clicking on the buttons at the left side of the screen.  The second is to contact us with any news, announcements, pictures, or other information you feel would be beneficial to people visiting this site.

ADVERTISING: There are two forms of advertising available on this site.  The first form of advertising is free.  You may list your web site for free in the WEB RING LIST if your site is Hinsdale County and Lake City, Colorado related.  This site will no longer use the system to present this list.  The list will now be professionally arranged to best assist you.  For no charge you may list your site with the WEB RING just visit the list for further information.   Other forms of paid advertising and web design offerings will be listed under the appropriate buttons to the left.

FREE: Maintaining and updating a web page takes a lot of time and effort.  Future Wave and volunteers will do their best to keep the information current and valuable.  Any payments in the form of advertising, web affiliate programs, or requests to design a web page are simply ways that we can keep the page up and running.  They help to justify the time spent when it comes time to pay the bills.  This page is FREE to you and FREE to list on. All fee based services are services where additional effort has been used to make a more appealing logo, web site, or advertisement for you.

Thank you,

Lake City Web Ring


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