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News Archives - January 2001

Silver World  Vol. 23, No. 39 - Headlines from January 25, 2001

"Wildlife Commission Hears Ongoing Skirmish Over Limited Elk Licenses"
"DOW Maintains Deer and Elk Herd Objectives"
"Man Charged with Drug Possession"
"Updated Historic Guidelines Set for Trustee Approval -- new document expands format"
"Management Plans Based on Staff Input, Work by Task Force"
"License Debate Lively"
"PTSA Hears Report on REMOTE Grant"
"Energy, Enthusiasm Hallmarks of Phil Virden's Years' Work with State, Local Education"
STUDENT ENQUIRER: "When I was Young in the Mountains", "Hansel & Gretel? Part one"
"County Wilderness Stance Draws Pros, Cons"

Silver World  Vol. 23, No. 37 - Headlines from January 12, 2001

"Employee Drug Testing Polarizes Town Trustees"
"Phil Virden Named to National Board Post"
"Upper Piedra Land Use"
"Local Items"

Silver World Vol. 23, No. 36 - Headlines from January 4, 2001

"Break in! -- Blue Spruce robbed during New Year weekend"
"Hudgeons Heads Local Masons"
"Workshop, 'Kids Driving Me Crazy,' Offered at Darley Hall Tues., Jan. 9"
"2000 a Photographic Review"
"Local Items"
"U.S. Senator Allard Hosts Town Meeting, Wednesday, Jan. 10"

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