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US Navy Seabees - Custom Design Jewelry by Sam Lowry, Sr.

14kt Solid Gold and Sterling Silver

  14kt gold (round)
  14kt gold (solid)
  Sterling Silver (round)
  Sterling Silver (solid)
Small 14kt gold
  Small Sterling
  Medium 14kt gold
  Medium Sterling
  Large 14kt gold
  Large Sterling

00 8YG
00 14YG
00 8SS

00 5Y
00 5S
00 4Y
00 4S
00 3Y
00 3S



All prices include shipping, handling and insurance.

Photos are not actual size.  The large pendant (upper right) is approximately 1 1/2" wide.  Medium pendant is approximately 1" wide and the small approximately 3/4" wide.  The two styles of ring offered feature an "open" or round design (A) and a solid design (B).
This fine quality handcrafted jewelry was designed by goldsmith, Sam Lowry, Sr. in his shop located in the small Colorado resort community of Lake City.
The complete line of Navy Seabee Jewelry is 100% made in the United States of America.

The B's

If you decide to place an order please include:

Item Quantity Size Price



Please supply us with your ring size for the items ordered so, we can be sure to satisfy any requirements you may have.  We would provide a printout item to help you determine size but, due to the difference in printers it may not produce accurate results.   For a ring the size is important and therefore, so is the accuracy of the measurement.

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  The A's
Send your order to:
World of Gem Creations - Lake City, Colorado and Ulysses, Kansas
   Box 848   329 Silver St.   Lake City, Colorado 81235
   410 South Colorado St.  Ulysses, Kansas  67880
Visa/ MC / AmEx / Disc.  card #         Expiration Date
Your name as it appears on the credit card
The address to ship to
A phone number you can be reached at

Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.