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An internet guide to the Navy Seabees

There are a number of very good U.S. Navy Seabees sites on the internet.  We hope to provide you with links to some of the best sites on the internet.  This is our opinion based on the sites we were able to find at the time this web page was designed.   This site is an information site for Navy Seabees which was created by the Lowry's.  Sam Lowry Jr. is a reserve U.S. Navy Seabee who served in Desert Storm.  Sam Lowry Jr. approached his father who is a gold and silversmith about creating some unique items for Seabees.  If you are interested in seeing the items click on the banner above.  Otherwise, we hope this site proves a valuable resource for all those interested in researching the Navy Seabees online.

SEABEES OF THE NAVY - Featuring a site list such as this and many useful links and references. U.S. NAVY SEABEES WEBRING - A site designed to promote Navy Seabees related web sites.
NAVY HISTORICAL CENTER - a great official site with a lot of historical information concerning the Navy.  This link will take you directly to the Seabees history page. THE SEABEE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP ASSOCIATION - Providing scholarships to sons and daughters of Navy Seabees.
NAVY CONSTRUCTION FORCE - This is the official U.S. Navy Seabees web site. CEC/SEABEE HISTORICAL FOUNDATION - "Perpetuating the CAN DO Spirit"
NAVY SEABEE VETERANS OF AMERICA - A site for the NSVA where all seabees can join to prompote comradeship and communication between veteran seabees. SEABEES KOREAN WAR HOME SITE - A VERY good site with a lot of specific information for seabees then and now.

I couldn't find many sites offering information on good books and reference material that is available but, not on the web so, I did a little research and found a few that are note worthy.

CAN DO!: The story of the Seabees - This book contains a lot of in person stories and photographs. - This book was written by William Bradford Huie.

FROM OMAHA TO OKINAWA : The Story of the Seabees - This is a new book by William Bradford Huie that is a sequel to the CAN DO! book above.

While this is a fictional account of a Seabees construction boss played by John Wayne is does portray how the seabees came about.

The Fighting Seebees - 1944 with John Wayne.