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How to make this your home page

There are some nice web programs out there that allow you to create a simple link for your web visitors to click on to set their home page for them.  Unfortunately, the software is not free.  Therefore, here are some simple instructions that you need follow only this one time and the Lake City, CO and Hinsdale County Web Ring will be set as your home page.  What is a home page?  The home page is the first web page that loads when you access the internet.  It is also the page that will come up if you click on the HOME button on your web browser.   Why is the Web Ring a good home page?  We intend to offer constantly updated information and resources to people interested in Lake City and Hinsdale County.  In addition, the button on the page entitled USEFUL LINKS will take you to a page that can help you get to virtually any other site on the internet with very little difficulty.

Without further ado, we present you with these steps:


  1. You are reading this page so, internet explorer is already opened. This is the first step.

  2. Left Click on the Tools menu at the top of your internet explorer program.

  3. Left Click on Internet Options on the menu that appeared after doing step 2.

  4. You will immediately see a window pop up.  In the window that pops up is a section immediately at the top called HOME PAGE.  Click in the white area where the web address is listed.  Erase whatever is there and type this in HTTP://

  5. Click OK on the Internet Options window

  6. Test to see if it worked by Left clicking on the HOME button for your Internet Explorer program.

  7. Close down internet explorer to insure the changes are saved.

  8. You can reopen internet explorer if you so, desire and the first thing you should see is the Lake City, CO and Hinsdale County Web Ring.

If you need further assistance and/or these instructions did not help you please email us at: and we will give you personal assistance with this.  This can be done on Macintoshes, and on Netscape Browsers but, the instructions are slightly different.