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The Annual events for Lake City
The Fourth of July in Lake City - Possibly the biggest event of the year
The 3rd of July Fair - Sponsored by Lake City Mountain Crafts Cooperative
The Arts and Crafts Fair sponsored by the Lake City Arts Council
The Lake City 10K - A foot race from Lake San Crystobal to Lake City

This page is dedicated to providing you with information on the major events that go on throughout the year in Lake City, Colorado and Hinsdale County.  If there is a major event that is not listed here please contact us at with information on the event and we will add it to the list.   To get specific information on an event click on the button to the left.  If the event has its own web page outside of the web ring that page will be linked to.  If it does not have a page then the web ring will create something to help you learn about the event when you click on the button.
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